Thursday, June 21, 2018

June gloom

Hurricane Bud fizzled down into
a tropical depression by the time 
clinic rolled around. But it did
leave a good amount of rain in
Sonora creating uncomfortable 
and unsafe flying conditions. 
At the same time our clinic 
landlord began needed electric
upgrades to their facility which 
also provides clinic electricity 
and water not to forget sewer 
treatment lift station. As such 
clinic was canceled. It is yet 
unclear as to when the electric
upgrades will be complete but 
could go until after July clinic 
For this reason all the clinic meds 
have been moved to the mobile
clinic and A/C turned on to keep
them safe from damage. Clinic
power was safely shut down on
June 20th. transformer in the
process of being removed to do
needed care on it and power
poles will be replaced.