Tuesday, February 27, 2018

February a bust! or perhaps not

As we have been reminded many times over
the years, we are in control of very little in
our lives. And the weather is a big one we
have no control over. While rain may well
have canceled our February Sams clinic, it
did not stop all of our Sams efforts to
improve the health of those in this little
Mexican Pueblo. Your huge hearts and 
many hours of work still paid off in that
the joint effort of the Flying Samaritans 
and Aeromedicos were able to provide the
continued education and training of first
responders in Southern Baja. The joint 
efforts of the past two years in this program
has now certified 4 first responders with the
education and skills needed to get folks from
health risk situation to the ER alive. 
Including two firefighters, one army medic
and one ambulance operator.  This is
a huge step forward in the new 911 emergency 
response system now being created in Mexico.
Yes, you can now dial 911 in Mexico for help.
This never existed before all of your efforts.
Way to go! Then as soon as we wrapped those
classes up we had two pilot/doctors take two
patients up North to have prosthetic legs made
and indeed return both patients to waiting
families walking on two legs. You never seem
to stop changing lives. 

Then through much planning over the past
year our joint efforts brought down the Rutgard
group once again to perform life changing
cataract surgeries in our little clinic by the sea.
Yes, they were able to give 13 folks who arrived
without sight the gift of seeing their loved ones
once again. We are indeed blessed by so many
folks with such huge hearts and pocketbooks
to make all of this happen even during a time
when the weather kept our group from making
the trip down.
WAY TO GO 2018!  

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