Friday, December 22, 2017

Tis the season

December being the season of giving our
Flying Samaritans didn't disappoint.
With one plane arriving Friday clinic was
well prepped and ready to see the 300
patients that came Saturday. Since I am
not there at the moment I do not have the
break down other than that.

As the Flying Samaritans has also been
supporting the efforts together with our
AeroMedico partners of training Mexico
First Responders this weeks was also very
exciting in those endeavors certifying 150
folks in CPR as well as 28 who completed
both the CPR/AED/First Aid classes to begin
the process of becoming certified First
Responders. This process takes almost two
years to complete and we indeed certified
three First Responders as well as one 
Mexican Certified CPR instructor. Looking
forward to seeing everybody after the
holidays. And of course we wish all of you
a Very Merry Christmas and a wonderful

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