Tuesday, November 21, 2017


We had a great season kickoff
in October with great support
from our local medical community.
Often there aren't enough providers
from our wonderful group and we
turn to the local providers to help
fill in the gap. We began this many
years ago and it has proven very
successful on so many fronts which
include how we maintain our permit
from the State board of health to
allow foreign doctors to practice
medicine in Baja California Sur.
We are so thankful for this support
from the State government and hope
to continue such for many years to
follow. I was asked to inform our
local dental providers from La Paz
that we had plenty of providers this
month so their services would not
be needed. I sent a text message to
those providers as such and they
found other things to do. We were
asked to give 30 dental and 30
hygiene numbers out which I
reduced by 5 each for the fog. 
Also as many other numbers as 
needed for other providers. This
is the season for fog and mother
nature did not disappoint so our
planes could not arrive until late
morning. That never deters the 
giving heart and souls of folks who
travel so many hours at such great
cost to bring such loving care to a
community so in need of great health
care. While we were waiting for the
fog to lift we gave out 22 gen med,
5 ped, 3 obgyn, 22 eye, 16 glasses,
20 chiro, along with the 25 dental
and 25 hygiene numbers. We were
blessed to have providers arrive on
Friday so triage began early and we
began seeing eye patients long 
before the fog lifted. All of this resulted
in 25 folks seen by general medicine
and 6 children attended to along with
4 OBgyn patients on the medical front.
26 folks were helped with eye needs as
well as another 38 folks were given
reading glasses. Our steady hands in
the chiropractic building took care 
of the needs of 45 folks while our 
dental crew were able to see to the 
needs of 13 of the 25 numbers we
gave out and 14 of the 25 hygiene
numbers we gave out. All in all the
November clinic was a great success
seeing 171 folks plus 55 medicine 
fills from our pharmacy. That brings
us to the magic number of 226 consults
completed which is pretty darn good
for a day that only had 5 hours on the
ground due to fog.