Sunday, October 22, 2017

New season New Beginnings

October 2017 saw 10 aircraft landing in Lopez Mateos
filled with enthusiastic angels of humanitarian help.
With both our Flying Samaritans and Aeromedicos
staff we had a very busy day. Prior to the first plane's
arrival we had both a local ambulance operator and
a Mexican Army paramedic beginning triage in order to
speed the process once planes arrived. This was followed by
our local Mexico Red Cross folks helping with triage before
heading off to classes provide by us to further educate them
as first responders.

We also had a dentist from La Paz and a hygienist from
Constitucion seeing folks before everybody arrived from

This resulted in 22 patients seen by our dental folks and 17
more who walked away with brighter smiles. Of course all
of that kept those who labor to sterilize all those instruments
on their toes. Our optometrist from Constitucion also arrived
early getting a head start on seeing eye patients.
Between him and our staff 30 folks were helped with various
vision needs not including the 42 pair of reading glasses that
folks were helped with.
Our medical providers took care of the needs of 30 adults and
13 children. 70 folks were helped by our chiropractors and
another 15 had physical therapy sessions. This brings the first
clinic of the season to a close with 239 folks seen in Lopez
Mateos and another 65 who left with all the needed
medications from our pharmacy totaling to 304 completed
actions for October 2017.

Newsflash Nov 1st: I was informed that our crew who went
to LSI had a very successful clinic as well attending to
18 general medicine, 14 dental and 8 dental cleanings.
That's an additional 40 folks seen for November bringing
our total to 344 folks attended to in November.

That's a great start to a new season.
See all of you in November