Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Often July brings less providers as well
as patients. I've never understood why
but don't argue with historic observation.
As a result our providers were a little short
in that we had nobody from dental and a
far fewer number of other providers. But
that has  never stopped such huge hearts
as the Flying Samaritans from giving their
all in order to help those in need. We were
able to provide one local dentist and one
local hygienist which ended leaving 9 dental
and 8 cleaning patients better than when they
arrived. Our eye department was able to help
25 folks with various need of eye care and we
helped another 10 folks with reading glasses.
Our chiropractor was kept busy throughout
the day attending to the needs of 40 folks.
The medical front saw to the needs of 28 adults
as well as 12 children.  

If my tears don't block the math this leaves a
total of 132 folks helped during July clinic. Then
we add pharmacy fills of 72 bringing the total
clinic numbers for July to 204.
See you all the next season