Monday, June 26, 2017

No June Gloom

There was certainly no June Gloom in
our June clinic of the Sams/Aeromedicos.
A bit short of providers was the concensious
Friday evening. But as Saturday arrived we
had some nice surprises with an MD from
Aeromedicos as well as our dentist from
La Paz with his lovely wife to assist. It has 
been a while since having an eye doc at
clinic and those number went really fast.
Taking care of 25 eye patients Laurie was
the last one done. Imagine the surprise of
our hygiene not being the last to finish after
21 cleanings. With two dentists moving like
lightning they drilled down the needs of 22 dental patients. OBgyn saw to the needs of
11 ladies and our MD from Santa Barbara
helped 13 folks with their various needs.
9 children were seen by our pediatric 
provider to round out the medical front.
We were blessed with audiology who helped
14 folks hear better with hearing aids. 
Our magicians with their hands in the
chiropractic department took care of
87 folks including myself. I am told that
14 medical patients were helped in LSI this
month which rounds out to 216 patients seen
by our providers. Then there were 92 fills
of medication for a total day of 308 actions
completed. WAY TO GO GROUP!

Looking forward to seeing everybody in