Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 2016

Each new season presents its own challenges.
We had plenty of those during the summer of
2016 and now we get the wonderful opportunity
of watching all of the efforts of those who 
dedicate  so much of their time and resources
to come to a place far far away from the hustle 
and bustle of city living in order to help their
fellow mankind. This is such a noble effort and
I am so happy to be just a small part of it all.
October clinic actually began Friday before as
I drove to pick up one of the Aeromedicos from
the airport in Loreto. That allowed triage to 
begin long before the first plane arrived. What
a great way to begin the new season. Actually
having patients ready when the providers climb
out of all those aircraft. This allowed our dentists
to help 18 folks and our hygienists to clean 20
patients teeth. 
The doctors were kept very busy helping 38 in
general medicine as well as 16 children with 
every need you can imagine. We didn't have OB
this month but stay tuned in the future. Those
chiropractors with such magic hands saw to
the needs of 85 folks. On the vision side of the
house our provider was able to help some 18
folks see better while our pilots made all of 
small text messages clear to 32 folks needing
reading glasses. That seems to add up to 227
patients seen by a provider plus 120 meds
given out in the pharmacy. Once we add that
to the number we had an astonishing 347 folks
helped on the first clinic of the season.

And this was only in Lopez Mateos. We also
sent a plane full of dental providers to Laguna
San Ignacio. I however have no idea yet of
how many folks they were able to help.

For one of the Aeromedicos and myself our
joint efforts did not end there. On Sunday we
presented CPR classes to certify nurses at the
General Hospital in Constitucion in that
life saving skill. We didn't stop there
however. Those classes were repeated for 
other groups of first responders including
firefighters, police, ambulance drivers and 
some soldiers Monday thru Wednesday. Then
we changed gear and taught classes of
treating life threatening situations to several 
groups of first responders. All of this under
the thankful umbrella of the State Healthcare
academic coordinator. Something like 130
folks were certified in CPR and another 105
folks became certified as first responders 
including the use of AED units which we
were able to provide in Spanish to 5 groups
of first responders. 

Hence, the reason why posting this blog is
a week later than normal. Can't be in two 
places at once. I am personally beyond
touched by all the efforts of the Flying
Samaritans and the Aeromedicos. These
two groups are indeed a force not to be
underestimated when they team up. WAY
TO GO on a great beginning of the 2016 
2017 season of the Lopez Mateos clinic.