Monday, July 18, 2016

July season's Final Clinic

Our Flying Samaritan Clinic in
Lopez Mateos has an annual 
season from October to July.
During those 10 months all of the
fantastic members of both of the
Arizona Flying Samaritans as well
as those special AeroMedicos from
Santa Barbara, California toil to
bring quality health care to this very
remote fishing village on the Pacific
coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Since this clinic is sanctioned and
permitted to function by the State
Health Department as a humanitarian
effort we are obligated to report the
results of each monthly clinic which is
why this blog exists. Hence our 
2015/2016 seasonal end for July.

With 4 planes arriving Clinic morning
from Phoenix the day began with a
smaller crowd of patients than normal
mainly because school is out for the
Summer vacation and many locals take
advantage and leave town. Of course
that still left 20 general medical 
patients helped along with 6 pediactric
and 6 OBgyn on the medical front.
We didn't have an eye doc this month
but were still able to help 24 folks with
reading glasses. Our dental providers
were able to help 17 patients leave with
brighter/cleaner smiles and the one
dentist resolved the needs of 13 dental
patients. Those always welcome
Chiropractors tended to the needs of
58 adjustments alleviating many day
to day discomforts.

My arithmetic sees 144 patients helped
during the day plus 64 prescriptions
filled for 208 completed consultations
on this last day of the season.
2016/2017 looks to be a great year!