Sunday, June 19, 2016

No June Gloom Here

So often during this time of the year we
see the phenomenon referred to as June
Gloom. That was NOT the case at clinic
in Lopez Mateos. Quite the opposite in fact.
With one plane arriving Friday our eye doc
was able to see 6 of the post-op cataract 
patients as well as 6 other eye needs before
heading off to sleep at 9:00pm. Which simply
reinforces the concept that when providers
show up patients will come.

An early morning start with those providers who
arrived Friday got clinic humming along well
before the planes arrived from Mulege. Our
cherished Aeromedico team suffered a broken
leg so were not able to make the trip this month.
Our best wishes for a quick recovery go out for
that. We truly missed their presence at clinic and
look forward to seeing them soon.

All of that left the group seeing to the needs of
24 general medicine consultations and 7 children
helped together with 3 OBgyn patients on the
medical front. Our hygiene group helped 17 people
leave with brighter smiles while 38 folks were able
to leave with new reading glasses. 
The ophthalmologist ended up helping 31 folks
over the weekend and 62 patients were seen with
chiropractic/acupuncture care. It was a busy day
ending up with 182 folks seen by our various care
providers. When we add in 56 pharmacy fills the 
clinic total for June was 238 the day before
Father's Day 2016. Way to go Sams! 
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!