Sunday, May 22, 2016

Great May clinic!

While we may not have had April showers we
came up roses in May. A couple planes got to Lopez
Friday to get things better set up for a quicker start
Saturday morning. What fun to begin treating dental
patients as soon as they received their numbers at
8:00. We had an American reporter with the Friday
group so be sure and check the Flying Samaritan's
Facebook page for some great pictures. They won't
disappoint! It was exciting to see providers working
at every dental chair this month. A rare treat to have
that many dental providers at one time. As part of
this months dental work we had the treat of a special
sealant program for children's teeth in the hope of
staving off cavities as they grow into adulthood. As
a result 17 children had their teeth sealed. We were
also blessed with a pediatric dentist who saw 18 kids.
Treating very young dental patients can be especially
challenging and it needs a very dedicated person to 
take that on. In addition our Aeromedico family took 
on and helped 23 adult dental patients. While at the 
same time our dentist up at Laguna San Ignacio was 
able to help 30 folks and clean 3 folks teeth. Not to be
outdone our dedicated hygienists in Lopez Mateos
helped 10 folks have brighter and cleaner smiles.

Clinic is not all about dentistry so of course we are
pleased to report our medical staff saw 33 general
medicine patients and the pediatric department saw 
10 children. OBgyn helped with the needs of 11 ladies 
and the chiropractors helped 96 folks feel better. 

While our reading glasses team helped 36 people get 
new reading glasses we had a very special treat this 
month as the Rutgard group came and performed 10 
cataract surgeries over two days. They not only toiled 
long hours Saturday and Sunday but after all of that 
work drove to San Juanico after packing up Sunday 
hoping to arrive before dark thirty. 
They'll be giving the same life changing
help all week to folks in San Juanico. We cannot stress
enough how fond we are of their dedication and hope
to host them again often. 

Check out this video of these herculean efforts.

If I'm not too tired to add that means the clinic helped
297 folks with various needs plus our pharmacy was 
able to fill 80 prescriptions throughout the day. 
That brings the total actions for the May clinic to 377.

WAY TO GO EVERYBODY! I can hardly wait to see how
you improve on this in the months and years to follow.

But hold the presses. That's not the end of the story.
If we dig back a couple pages of the paper we can find
the rest of the story. A few years ago one of the nurses
and EMT instructors came down to clinic with our 
beloved Aeromedico group from California. Discovered
that we plenty of nurses on that particular month and
began discussing the concept of giving first responder's
classes to acquire the education and skills they lacked.
In March was the first of those as CPR classes.
This month the lessons were first response trauma and
victim extraction from vehicles. We had asked only
those who already attended the previous CPR classes 
to attend since time was limited to clinic day resulting
in 34 ambulance drivers and firefighters completing
the training. I cannot begin to describe how well 
received these classes have been and how much has 
been learned by folks who respond to so many accidents 
and emergencies. Thank you for going the next step
from bringing quality rural health care to teaching 
first responders how to get people from accident to 
hospital alive. WAY TO GO!  

And in our many MANY ramblings we need to include
more of what the group  continues to do. Just couple 
days after clinic an elderly lady and here husband were
brought to our attention. No longer ambulatory this 
dear grandma had been unable to get out of bed of an
old camper she and her husband live in. In the past 
she had a wheel chair but the elements had finally
taken her wheel chair back to their origins. This close
to the ocean things of metal simply have short lives.
Due to the generous hearts of so many of you and
the donations of wheel chairs, walkers and all the
supplies and equipment that we bring down we were
able to enable this dear lady to once again go to 
church and enjoy the sunshine as well as breath fresh
air. The simple pleasure of bringing so much joy
to the must humble people bring such a warm feeling
while saddening my heart at the same time. Her life
is better thanks to your help.
above is her husband with one of the biggest 
smiles I've ever seen on a gentleman.

Thank you all for helping this grandma go to see her 
grand children and go to church once again.