Sunday, April 24, 2016

A GREAT April!

April was a bit of a challenge
since I was in Arizona with the
group. Charlie and Kevin arrived
Friday after plane repairs in
Guaymas and took care of dental
chair issues. Maintenance is an
ongoing process. As El Movil got
a late start so did audiology. But
they still helped 14 folks including
myself with hearing problems.

Once again Aeromedicos came to
the rescue and provided 18 dental
patients with top quality dental care.
Our two hygienist were kept busy all
day cleaning 15 sets of teeth giving
those folks the pride to smile big as
is the only way in Mexico. 
Our ophthalmologist saw to the needs
of 13 folks while 30 patients were able
to get new reading glasses as well as
32 folks asking for sun glasses. That 
may not seem important to many but
reducing eye fatigue can be a HUGE
help along the way in life.
On the medical front we had 35 folks
seen by general medicine and 15 kids
taken care of by pediatrics. 3 cardiology 
patients were helped and OB/gyn was
able to serve the needs of 9 ladies and 
our tireless chiropractors alleviated the
pains and discomfort of 72 patients. 
Several smart phones and/or tablets
got left behind and one plane's starter
had to be replaced before they could
leave Lopez after working in clinic all
day long. Just a few of the challenges
along the way in order to bring quality
health care to such a remote village we
call home in Mexico. 

This seems to end up with 210 patient
needs taken care of plus 70 pharmacy
fills rounding out with 280 tasks for a
great April clinic.
That's our story and we're sticking
to it.