Monday, March 21, 2016

March Madness

What makes the madness of March? Perhaps
one could argue the madness is the total
dedication by a huge group of people giving 
of their time and resources in order to help
folks whom they have never met have better
and more productive lives. This is the madness
of the heart and total self sacrifice demonstrated
by the Flying Samaritans and the Aeromedicos as
they venture to a land they have no investment in
and expect nothing in return for their efforts.

This month while so many around the world 
begin celebrating or remembering or giving
tribute to deeds considered by many the total
sacrifice of one so many MANY years ago
for what many consider bringing a better way to
the world we live in. A belief held by perhaps half
of the population of the planet. While I am not
promoting that concept I at the very least give
respect to it. And bringing respect and dignity, oh
and self worth to those of lesser ability is a large part
of what took place this month in helping to reduce
the suffering from illness of a people who simply
cannot afford the basics of health care. It is in that
endeavor that the clinic provided this month by a 
joint effort of two dedicated organizations was able 
to tend to the needs of 30 dental patients from the 
herculean effort of Aeromedicos as another 10 folks
walked away with cleaner brighter smiles due to
hygienic dental cleaning. Our Samaritans were able to
see to the needs of 24 general medical needs as well as
to the needs of 16 children with pediatric care. OBgyn
was able to see to the needs of one lady while our 
chiropractors helped 75 folks walk and move with less
discomfort through proper adjustment techniques. 
While we may not have had ophthalmology or optometry
our pilots were able to help 52 folks get reading glasses
to help with all that very small print we find it difficult to
see these days. If my simple brain still works that adds
to 168 patient needs met. Of course many of those needs
being met also required some form of medicine of which
62 scripts were filled in our on site pharmacy. Which then
brings the total count to 230 needs met this month.

Naturally that's not the whole story. We also staffed our
Flying Samaritan clinic in Laguna San Ignacio. 
Unfortunately I do not have the information to provide
how many folks were helped there.

And now we have even more to add to the story. Our
beloved Aeromedico group came down a couple days 
prior to clinic in order to teach CPR classes in order to
enable folks in these very remote locations respond
to the immediate needs of life threatening situations.
They provided two classes on Friday filled to the max
as well as two more classes filled to the max Saturday.
The folks who attended these classes were starving for 
the training and left with the void filled for the first time
in their lives. Here is what those sort of classes look like
for the many curious. We'll begin with the pilot who is a
Fire Chief in the Reno Nevada region and American Heart
Association instructors flying to this little remote village
on the Pacific. 

Now that is a happy crew. So the question then becomes
just what does one of the classes look like? Here is
the answer:

     They began with theory and instruction and followed
with hands on training

Naturally some basic use of fire fighting equipment 
lessons were needed to be included.

The attendees were factory workers, school teachers,
fishermen, firefighters, and ambulance drivers. Here
are the four graduating classes from basic CPR training.

Enabling folks to better their lives is one of the most
noble deeds an organization can do next to bringing
quality health care to those in need.
That's our March Madness story and I'm sticking to it!