Monday, February 22, 2016


Many say February is the month of Love.
Not quite sure how any other month is
less than February but that's what some
say. Which is anything but the case with
the Flying Samaritans and the Aeromedicos.
Who give more love and care on any single
day of any month than all the greeting cards
could ever equate. You guys and gals are just
fabulous in all that you do to bring quality
health care to such remote regions of North
America. And to be sure, contrary to many,
Mexico is part of North America. Well, that's 
my political rant for the year. Now I get the
privilege of ranting and raving over how great
our February clinic turned out to be. Warm hearts,
huge smiles and LOTS of work. The many care
providers who ventured South of the border
ended up helping 36 general medicine patients
added to the 11 pediatric and 7 OBgyn folks seen.
Our Chiropractor was able to attend to 75 folks
while our reading glasses staff helped 45 folks.
The dentists were kept hopping all day seeing
to 23 general dentistry patients and 17 dental 
cleanings. If the gray matter is still working that
is 214 patients seen by care providers. This includes
two curbside ambulance patients brought to clinic.
Once we add in the 94 pharmacy prescriptions filled
you guys saw to the needs of 308 cases in February.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.