Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2016 has arrived!

I've always been one to watch the
New Year come in silently. But as
it has been demonstrated often, the
Flying Samaritans boldly go where
there is a need. And Baja has the need
for quality health care. Which is what
the Sams are all about. Thank you so
very much for all the efforts. Your many
efforts are rewarded in so many ways.
One is the turnout of patients. January
clinic saw a good turnout with our group
helping 30 general medicine patients as
well as 10 paediatric patients. OBgyn was
able to help 5 ladies with difficult cases. 
Our hygiene folks helped 13 walk away
with brighter smiles while Aeromedicos
came to the rescue treating 24 dental folks.
While we didn't have an ophthalmologist or
optometry our group was able to help 50
folks with reading glasses so they could
either read all that small print or in many
cases do sewing that had escaped them for
lack of seeing those small thread and needles.
This has been a great support to the community.
Our chiropractor helped 72 folks walk a bit
straighter and with less discomfort. The 
pharmacy filled 75 prescriptions which brings
us to the days total of patients helped to 279
this month.

We had Kimberly help translate again and of
course she had her camera handy. Here are
just a few of those shots she grabbed.
Our waiting room is practically
a social event.
As is the first stop with our 
A facility such as in Lopez Mateos
has ongoing repair issues and even
our lustrous leader gets into the act.
Aeromedicos jump head first into
the fray every time they are able to
Children and adults all get to
take part.