Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December clinic

With a great November clinic
behind and Christmas only a 
few days away our December
clinic certainly presented it's
own challenges. One of which
is Mexico goes on the season's
vacation the 19th every year. 
Which was the day for our clinic.
We certainly had willing and plenty
of providers bringing much needed
help as well as Christmas cheer. Not
wanting to take folks away from our
New year celebrations I'll Keep things
short and sweet. Gen Med saw 20 folks
while our paediatric provider helped
8 children. OBgyn took care of 5 ladies
and our chiropractors helped 60 people
leave feeling better. Our friends from
Aeromedico saw 18 dental patients and
our hygienist gave 9 folks brighter smiles.
We were able to hand out 30 pairs of
reading glasses and our pharmacy handed
out 56 prescriptions bringing our total
count for the December clinic to 206.
Not bad! See you all next year.