Wednesday, November 25, 2015

So many thanks--November

On the eve of Thanksgiving we have
so many things to be thankful for.
And while Thanksgiving is not a Mexico
Holiday. Our neighbours are even more
thankful for the giving hearts of each and every
one of the Flying Samaritans. Hopefully they were
able to show in just a small way how thankful they
are for all of your efforts with the small but
heartfelt fiesta they created for the November
clinic. All of the music and the many things
presented represented many hours of time on
their parts just to say THANK YOU ALL! And
hopefully each of you enjoyed the evenings
event as much as they enjoy the best health care
in the world brought by the warmest and most
caring health care providers that can be found 
any place. Right in the little fishing village on
the Pacific coast of Baja called Lopez Mateos.
Together this month with our clinic in Laguna
San Ignacio where 4 planes went and the senior
indigent home in Constitucion as well as a house
call in Constitucion. Yes, we had a wound care
nurse volunteer her time to treat all the afflictions
that present themselves in these indigent senior
homes. And found time to make a house call as
well for somebody who was not able to get out.
You guys are so great. While I don't have the 
information to share how many folks were helped
there or at Laguna San Ignacio our group in 
Lopez Mateos arrived in 14 aircraft. It's so much
fun to see that many planes parked on the runway.
Those 14 planes were able to attend to 40 general
medicine patients as well as 9 ladies seen by OBgyn
and 10 children seen by our paediatric provider. 
We can add 80 folks helped walk a bit easier with
chiropractic help and our group of Aeromedico
partners helped a dozen folks with hearing aids.
While we didn't have an eye doc this month we
WERE able to help 45 folks with reading glasses.
Our Samaritan dentist went to LSI so the 
Aeromedico dentists took care of 25 dental patients
and our THREE hygienists helped 22 folks leave
with cleaner and brighter smiles. If my brain isn't
too tired from all of that adding our group saw to
the needs of 243 folks. Remember this does not
take into account how many were helped in LSI
or in Constitucion. But our pharmacy crew filled
78 prescriptions which when added brings this
months partial total of thankful folks helped
to 321 completed consultations by the Flying
Samaritans for the month of November. How 
many times in this post is "thank & you"? A HUGE
thank you to each and every one and the very best
of Thanksgiving wishes to you and your families.
See you all next month just before Christmas.