Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 2014/2016 season

After a hot Summer we have begun our
2015/2016 season with a bang. Having 
two clinics to support this month brought
9 planes to Lopez Mateos and took one to 
Laguna San Ignacio or (LSI) It is always 
loads of fun to see each plane coming 
over the horizon and get hugs from everybody
as they unfold out of the doors and over or
under the wings. We saw many new faces as
well as many of the committed providers
returning to cool off a bit and dig right into
providing the best health care this side of
the border. A great lunch was provided by
Neli and Guerrermo who shared a birthday
with Dr. Turley. What a great fun way to 
enjoy lunch with birthday cake for all. As
our goal is to provide quality health care 
under permission of the State government 
this is where we report our results. As such
our flying angles saw 20 adults by general
medicine doctors and 14 children together
with 50 chiropractic consultations. The Dental
staff rocked in high gear as they treated 20
patients and an additional 18 folks left with
cleaner, brighter smiles after Hygiene cleanings.
Our newly found eye doctor was able to help 
20 folks see better while our reading glasses
folks helped another 15 be able to read all those
little text messages that have become so much 
of this modern day society. How in earth did we
get along prior to 1990 across the globe?  If
I am still able to do simple math that brings our
clinic's completed consultations to 157. If we add
in the 80 pharmacy fills our Flying Samaritan
season opening number is 237 completed consults.
Not a bad way to start a new season! And of course
we'll be staying in Ciudad Constitucion for the
November clinic which is a much shorter flight
to clinic on Saturday and back to the nights 
event which you won't want to miss. Sign up 
early for November and we'll keep the lights 
burning. That's our story and we're sticking
to it.