Sunday, July 19, 2015

Season Finally (July)

Hurricane Dolores has certainly played 
havoc with our July Flying Samaritan clinic 
in Lopez Mateos. While Lopez was not hit
by what had been up to a Cat 3 hurricane
our dedicated angels from the North became
faced with an extremely active Monsoonal 
flow covering the entire flying route from
Arizona to clinic. As a result only one plane
was able to come South of the border this
month. It's always a treat for our providers
to stay in Loreto with it's magnificent tourist

The end result of that and our unusually
high temperatures and humidity brought
a small but extremely valuable clinic to
end our 2014/2015 Flying Samaritan season.
Closing out the successful year our providers
were able to take care of the needs of 20 general
medicine patients, 8 pediatric consults and 
8 OBgyn consultations. While we had no 
dentist for the second month in a row our
hygienist helped 9 folks leave with cleaner
and brighter smiles. We had no chiropractors
on this trip nor eye doctor but we were able 
to help 20 folks with needed reading glasses.
One might think how can reading glasses be
such a big deal when in the U.S. it's easy to
walk into any Walmart, pharmacy, grocery
or five and dime store and pick a pair up.
In the Baja it's all but impossible to do so.
The simple product provided by the Flying
Samaritans to help folks read all the small
lettering found in instruction pamphlets,
cell phones and the many other reading 
is invaluable. So this brings our patient 
count for July to 65. Of course treating 
patients often requires pharmacy fills so
when we add the 50 prescriptions filled
our season clinic's last clinic saw 115
for total numbers. We look forward to
a great 2015/2016 season beginning in
October. WAY TO GO SAMS! 

Ever wonder how many folks get helped
during the year by the Flying Samaritans
efforts in Lopez Mateos? Well to satisfy the
curiosity our 2014/2015 season which had
one month rained out saw 2268 patients.