Monday, June 22, 2015

No Gloom in June

For certain there was no June Gloom in 
Lopez Mateos this month. While hurricane
Blanca had left 10" of water on our runway
a couple weeks ago things dried out well. 
Hurricane Carlos seemed to have been mis
named due to the number of times it changed
from hurricane to storm and back to hurricane
again. But in the end, played nice with the 
Flying Samaritans as they were able to bring
5 planes full of the most heartfelt help anybody
could possibly imagine to our clinic on the beach.
With planes landing to 70 degrees all of the 
providers were happy to have relief from the heat
of Mulege and Phoenix. Ya'll come on down and 
cool off any time you like. Hee Heee!
At any rate, for all the great efforts the group was
able to attend 35 general med patients along with
13 pediatric and 10 OBgyn on the medical front. We
add to that another 6 minor procedures to remove
warts, skin tags and such while our chiropractor
helped 70 folks walk a bit straighter and in less pain.
We didn't have any dentist this month but 11 folks 
left with cleaner and brighter smiles thanks to
hygiene. 45 folks were helped out with reading 
glasses to bring our monthly number to 190 patients
seen. When we add the pharmacy number of 74 
prescriptions filled that brings the total action to
264 completed tasks for the month of June. 
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.