Sunday, May 17, 2015


With Mother's day behind and an enthusiastic
team we were able to staff both Lopez Mateos
and LSI clinics again this month. Patrick and I
barely returned home a couple days before our
clinic and I have been down with the flu. Will do
better in the future. The bottom line was that we
had 5 aircraft including one from Aeromedicos
bring lots of staff to provide so much needed help
to those who come. All of the welcome doctors
were able to attend to 35 general medicine folks
along with 10 children and 12 ladies in OBgyn.
Our dentists helped 20 folks with repair issues
and 12 more folks walked home with cleaner
brighter smiles thanks to our hygienist. While
we didn't have an optometrist this month our
always helpful pilots fitted 35 folks with those
wonderful reading glasses so folks can read 
all those little phone text messages. I don't know
where we would be without all of that modern
technology of cell phones in this rural country.
Our Chiropractors saw to the needs of 68 folks
including myself. If I can still add while coughing
and sneezing that is 192 folks helped this month
before we add in Pharmacy. Which I don't have
the number for this month but it's safe to say
with more than 70 medicine fills our numbers
of folks helped during the May clinic was well
over 200 folks in Lopez Mateos. Naturally I 
will have to wait with everybody else to know
how many folks were helped at our clinic up
North at LSI. (Laguna San Ignacio) for those
who don't know.

That's our story and we're sticking to it.