Friday, March 27, 2015

March Madness

We don't normally consider madness a good
thing. But the March clinic of the Flying
Samaritans was madness in the best of ways.
Great weather allowed for an early arrival
of all 8 of those angles from the sky who 
spend so much of their time and money to 
come so far from their homes in order to
work such miracles in Lopez Mateos. That's
what we would call madness in a great way.

With the help again of Aeromedicos team
from Santa Barbara our team was able to 
provide 32 folks with general medicine 
help as well as 11 ladies helped by our OB
docs and 15 children seen by our pediatric
folks. We had ophthalmologist this month
who helped 25 folks out plus our eye glass
team helped another 36 folks leave being
able to read again. While we had nobody to
clean teeth our dentists took care of the 
needs of 26 and the Chiropractors helped
85 folks walk a bit straighter and with much
less pain. If my mind is still working that
means 230 folks who came and waited in
line well before sunup were able to leave
happy and healthy. Once we add in our 
pharmacy fills of 90 we end up with a 
total number of 320 actions for clinic this
month. There was even time for half a
dozen of the pilots and provider to go out
in boats and actually put both arms around
a whale and give it a loving hug. WAY TO