Friday, February 27, 2015


Well January was a bust due to heavy
Rain falling Very early on clinic morning.
Our pilots canceled clinic for the safety
of all concerned.

February on the other hand was a beautiful
day for all. We had a great group of providers
from virtually all parts of the country. From
California to South Carolina and Arizona.
A great time was had by all with a dozen of
the providers having a chance to go out and
see the whales.

One plane arrived Friday to get things in
order so a very good dinner was enjoyed
at a local restaurant. Of course that is not the
reason for coming. Patients are what it's all
about. To aid in taking care of those who so
much depend on the Flying Samaritans for
their health care we had a local Dentist as
well as a local doctor and his nurse come and
help. The end result of all this was 28 medical
patients seen together with another 9 OBgyn
ladies helped. We were able to take care of the
needs of 12 children and gave out 30 pair of
glasses so folks could read. Our Dental staff
chimed in with 22 general dentistry patients
helped and 10 more walked away with cleaner
and brighter smiles from cleanings. The
Chiropractors were able to help 60 folks leave
with less pain and walking a bit straighter for
their efforts. If I am still able to add without
common core that was 172 folks who received
medical care plus 94 Pharmacy fills to total the
day out at 266 actions completed for a fabulous
February clinic. We also staffed the clinic at
Laguna San Ignacio but I have no way of knowing
what sort of patient numbers were helped there.
We did get to use the EKG machine that is in
El Movil on a patient for the first time which makes
it's donation totally worth the efforts of getting it.
The new Dental Station in El Movil is almost installed
so we will soon be going out to remote locations
That's my story and I'm sticking to it. See everybody
in March!