Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December clinic

With a great November clinic
behind and Christmas only a 
few days away our December
clinic certainly presented it's
own challenges. One of which
is Mexico goes on the season's
vacation the 19th every year. 
Which was the day for our clinic.
We certainly had willing and plenty
of providers bringing much needed
help as well as Christmas cheer. Not
wanting to take folks away from our
New year celebrations I'll Keep things
short and sweet. Gen Med saw 20 folks
while our paediatric provider helped
8 children. OBgyn took care of 5 ladies
and our chiropractors helped 60 people
leave feeling better. Our friends from
Aeromedico saw 18 dental patients and
our hygienist gave 9 folks brighter smiles.
We were able to hand out 30 pairs of
reading glasses and our pharmacy handed
out 56 prescriptions bringing our total
count for the December clinic to 206.
Not bad! See you all next year.   

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

So many thanks--November

On the eve of Thanksgiving we have
so many things to be thankful for.
And while Thanksgiving is not a Mexico
Holiday. Our neighbours are even more
thankful for the giving hearts of each and every
one of the Flying Samaritans. Hopefully they were
able to show in just a small way how thankful they
are for all of your efforts with the small but
heartfelt fiesta they created for the November
clinic. All of the music and the many things
presented represented many hours of time on
their parts just to say THANK YOU ALL! And
hopefully each of you enjoyed the evenings
event as much as they enjoy the best health care
in the world brought by the warmest and most
caring health care providers that can be found 
any place. Right in the little fishing village on
the Pacific coast of Baja called Lopez Mateos.
Together this month with our clinic in Laguna
San Ignacio where 4 planes went and the senior
indigent home in Constitucion as well as a house
call in Constitucion. Yes, we had a wound care
nurse volunteer her time to treat all the afflictions
that present themselves in these indigent senior
homes. And found time to make a house call as
well for somebody who was not able to get out.
You guys are so great. While I don't have the 
information to share how many folks were helped
there or at Laguna San Ignacio our group in 
Lopez Mateos arrived in 14 aircraft. It's so much
fun to see that many planes parked on the runway.
Those 14 planes were able to attend to 40 general
medicine patients as well as 9 ladies seen by OBgyn
and 10 children seen by our paediatric provider. 
We can add 80 folks helped walk a bit easier with
chiropractic help and our group of Aeromedico
partners helped a dozen folks with hearing aids.
While we didn't have an eye doc this month we
WERE able to help 45 folks with reading glasses.
Our Samaritan dentist went to LSI so the 
Aeromedico dentists took care of 25 dental patients
and our THREE hygienists helped 22 folks leave
with cleaner and brighter smiles. If my brain isn't
too tired from all of that adding our group saw to
the needs of 243 folks. Remember this does not
take into account how many were helped in LSI
or in Constitucion. But our pharmacy crew filled
78 prescriptions which when added brings this
months partial total of thankful folks helped
to 321 completed consultations by the Flying
Samaritans for the month of November. How 
many times in this post is "thank & you"? A HUGE
thank you to each and every one and the very best
of Thanksgiving wishes to you and your families.
See you all next month just before Christmas.   

Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 2014/2016 season

After a hot Summer we have begun our
2015/2016 season with a bang. Having 
two clinics to support this month brought
9 planes to Lopez Mateos and took one to 
Laguna San Ignacio or (LSI) It is always 
loads of fun to see each plane coming 
over the horizon and get hugs from everybody
as they unfold out of the doors and over or
under the wings. We saw many new faces as
well as many of the committed providers
returning to cool off a bit and dig right into
providing the best health care this side of
the border. A great lunch was provided by
Neli and Guerrermo who shared a birthday
with Dr. Turley. What a great fun way to 
enjoy lunch with birthday cake for all. As
our goal is to provide quality health care 
under permission of the State government 
this is where we report our results. As such
our flying angles saw 20 adults by general
medicine doctors and 14 children together
with 50 chiropractic consultations. The Dental
staff rocked in high gear as they treated 20
patients and an additional 18 folks left with
cleaner, brighter smiles after Hygiene cleanings.
Our newly found eye doctor was able to help 
20 folks see better while our reading glasses
folks helped another 15 be able to read all those
little text messages that have become so much 
of this modern day society. How in earth did we
get along prior to 1990 across the globe?  If
I am still able to do simple math that brings our
clinic's completed consultations to 157. If we add
in the 80 pharmacy fills our Flying Samaritan
season opening number is 237 completed consults.
Not a bad way to start a new season! And of course
we'll be staying in Ciudad Constitucion for the
November clinic which is a much shorter flight
to clinic on Saturday and back to the nights 
event which you won't want to miss. Sign up 
early for November and we'll keep the lights 
burning. That's our story and we're sticking
to it.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Season Finally (July)

Hurricane Dolores has certainly played 
havoc with our July Flying Samaritan clinic 
in Lopez Mateos. While Lopez was not hit
by what had been up to a Cat 3 hurricane
our dedicated angels from the North became
faced with an extremely active Monsoonal 
flow covering the entire flying route from
Arizona to clinic. As a result only one plane
was able to come South of the border this
month. It's always a treat for our providers
to stay in Loreto with it's magnificent tourist

The end result of that and our unusually
high temperatures and humidity brought
a small but extremely valuable clinic to
end our 2014/2015 Flying Samaritan season.
Closing out the successful year our providers
were able to take care of the needs of 20 general
medicine patients, 8 pediatric consults and 
8 OBgyn consultations. While we had no 
dentist for the second month in a row our
hygienist helped 9 folks leave with cleaner
and brighter smiles. We had no chiropractors
on this trip nor eye doctor but we were able 
to help 20 folks with needed reading glasses.
One might think how can reading glasses be
such a big deal when in the U.S. it's easy to
walk into any Walmart, pharmacy, grocery
or five and dime store and pick a pair up.
In the Baja it's all but impossible to do so.
The simple product provided by the Flying
Samaritans to help folks read all the small
lettering found in instruction pamphlets,
cell phones and the many other reading 
is invaluable. So this brings our patient 
count for July to 65. Of course treating 
patients often requires pharmacy fills so
when we add the 50 prescriptions filled
our season clinic's last clinic saw 115
for total numbers. We look forward to
a great 2015/2016 season beginning in
October. WAY TO GO SAMS! 

Ever wonder how many folks get helped
during the year by the Flying Samaritans
efforts in Lopez Mateos? Well to satisfy the
curiosity our 2014/2015 season which had
one month rained out saw 2268 patients.


Monday, June 22, 2015

No Gloom in June

For certain there was no June Gloom in 
Lopez Mateos this month. While hurricane
Blanca had left 10" of water on our runway
a couple weeks ago things dried out well. 
Hurricane Carlos seemed to have been mis
named due to the number of times it changed
from hurricane to storm and back to hurricane
again. But in the end, played nice with the 
Flying Samaritans as they were able to bring
5 planes full of the most heartfelt help anybody
could possibly imagine to our clinic on the beach.
With planes landing to 70 degrees all of the 
providers were happy to have relief from the heat
of Mulege and Phoenix. Ya'll come on down and 
cool off any time you like. Hee Heee!
At any rate, for all the great efforts the group was
able to attend 35 general med patients along with
13 pediatric and 10 OBgyn on the medical front. We
add to that another 6 minor procedures to remove
warts, skin tags and such while our chiropractor
helped 70 folks walk a bit straighter and in less pain.
We didn't have any dentist this month but 11 folks 
left with cleaner and brighter smiles thanks to
hygiene. 45 folks were helped out with reading 
glasses to bring our monthly number to 190 patients
seen. When we add the pharmacy number of 74 
prescriptions filled that brings the total action to
264 completed tasks for the month of June. 
That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015


With Mother's day behind and an enthusiastic
team we were able to staff both Lopez Mateos
and LSI clinics again this month. Patrick and I
barely returned home a couple days before our
clinic and I have been down with the flu. Will do
better in the future. The bottom line was that we
had 5 aircraft including one from Aeromedicos
bring lots of staff to provide so much needed help
to those who come. All of the welcome doctors
were able to attend to 35 general medicine folks
along with 10 children and 12 ladies in OBgyn.
Our dentists helped 20 folks with repair issues
and 12 more folks walked home with cleaner
brighter smiles thanks to our hygienist. While
we didn't have an optometrist this month our
always helpful pilots fitted 35 folks with those
wonderful reading glasses so folks can read 
all those little phone text messages. I don't know
where we would be without all of that modern
technology of cell phones in this rural country.
Our Chiropractors saw to the needs of 68 folks
including myself. If I can still add while coughing
and sneezing that is 192 folks helped this month
before we add in Pharmacy. Which I don't have
the number for this month but it's safe to say
with more than 70 medicine fills our numbers
of folks helped during the May clinic was well
over 200 folks in Lopez Mateos. Naturally I 
will have to wait with everybody else to know
how many folks were helped at our clinic up
North at LSI. (Laguna San Ignacio) for those
who don't know.

That's our story and we're sticking to it. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

March Madness

We don't normally consider madness a good
thing. But the March clinic of the Flying
Samaritans was madness in the best of ways.
Great weather allowed for an early arrival
of all 8 of those angles from the sky who 
spend so much of their time and money to 
come so far from their homes in order to
work such miracles in Lopez Mateos. That's
what we would call madness in a great way.

With the help again of Aeromedicos team
from Santa Barbara our team was able to 
provide 32 folks with general medicine 
help as well as 11 ladies helped by our OB
docs and 15 children seen by our pediatric
folks. We had ophthalmologist this month
who helped 25 folks out plus our eye glass
team helped another 36 folks leave being
able to read again. While we had nobody to
clean teeth our dentists took care of the 
needs of 26 and the Chiropractors helped
85 folks walk a bit straighter and with much
less pain. If my mind is still working that
means 230 folks who came and waited in
line well before sunup were able to leave
happy and healthy. Once we add in our 
pharmacy fills of 90 we end up with a 
total number of 320 actions for clinic this
month. There was even time for half a
dozen of the pilots and provider to go out
in boats and actually put both arms around
a whale and give it a loving hug. WAY TO

Friday, February 27, 2015


Well January was a bust due to heavy
Rain falling Very early on clinic morning.
Our pilots canceled clinic for the safety
of all concerned.

February on the other hand was a beautiful
day for all. We had a great group of providers
from virtually all parts of the country. From
California to South Carolina and Arizona.
A great time was had by all with a dozen of
the providers having a chance to go out and
see the whales.

One plane arrived Friday to get things in
order so a very good dinner was enjoyed
at a local restaurant. Of course that is not the
reason for coming. Patients are what it's all
about. To aid in taking care of those who so
much depend on the Flying Samaritans for
their health care we had a local Dentist as
well as a local doctor and his nurse come and
help. The end result of all this was 28 medical
patients seen together with another 9 OBgyn
ladies helped. We were able to take care of the
needs of 12 children and gave out 30 pair of
glasses so folks could read. Our Dental staff
chimed in with 22 general dentistry patients
helped and 10 more walked away with cleaner
and brighter smiles from cleanings. The
Chiropractors were able to help 60 folks leave
with less pain and walking a bit straighter for
their efforts. If I am still able to add without
common core that was 172 folks who received
medical care plus 94 Pharmacy fills to total the
day out at 266 actions completed for a fabulous
February clinic. We also staffed the clinic at
Laguna San Ignacio but I have no way of knowing
what sort of patient numbers were helped there.
We did get to use the EKG machine that is in
El Movil on a patient for the first time which makes
it's donation totally worth the efforts of getting it.
The new Dental Station in El Movil is almost installed
so we will soon be going out to remote locations
That's my story and I'm sticking to it. See everybody
in March!