Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas!

It always fascinates me to see such a huge effort put on 
by so many folks wishing to do nothing more than bring 
a little sunshine into the lives of so many folks. 
And as we see, bringing much needed  quality health care 
to a population with so very little does not stop there. 
So these folks spend hours flying to a little place in the Baja
peninsula to spend an evening getting ready to wake up early,
eat a quickly prepared breakfast in order to climb aboard an 
airplane again for another hour to jump right into action 
providing non-stop medical care for the next seven hours. 
Then climb again into those  little airplanes in order to get 
back to their hotel before the sun stops lighting the dirt landing 
strip. One would think that at that point they
would all want nothing more than a nice hot shower and enjoy
 a warm meal and warm friendship before a good nights sleep in 
preparation of another chilly and long flight back home to 
enjoy the holidays with their family. 
But wait! This group doesn't know how to stop with that.
So a pilot who has now spent 2 or three hours of flying on 
Saturday also happens to be a doctor spending 7 hours between 
flying giving of his heart to treat the many illnesses looking for 
some glimmer of hope at feeling better rushes to a quick change 
from providing health care to what we see right here:

Bringing additional happiness to all the children in the hotel. 
WOW! Talk  about a dedicated bunch of the biggest hearted folks 
I have come to know in all of my global travels. 
                                WAY TO GO SAMS! 
For you don't seem to know how to be naughty. 

Well Christmas time is always a challenge since everybody 
wants to be able to spend time with family and loved ones. 
With the December clinic only 5 days before Christmas it is 
truly amazing to be able to find folks so willing to give up this 
special time from being with family and friends in order to 
bring such vastly needed care to such a grateful people in this 
little fishing village we have all come to love so much. 
While we were not able to find dentists for clinic we 
had  no shortage of other providers to  make up. 
Our clinic numbers are not a statistic as much as they are a
labor of love and caring for our fellow mankind sharing the 
same  planet we all hold so dear. But this is the place where 
we report to those  who so graciously give our group permission
to practice medicine in their country every month. 
In that spirit we had 20 folks help with general medicine
together with 5 ladies seen by OBgyn docs. 14 children were 
helped and our chiropractors were able to attend to 50 folks. 
Another 8 patients were able to have minor procedures with 
warts and skin tags removed and the likes.
40 patients were helped out with reading glasses and another 
20 were seen by our local optometrist. While we may not have 
had any dentists on board this month we did see 10 folks have 
their teeth cleaned giving our patient count of 167. When we 
add in the pharmacy fills of 65 our total count for
December 2014 comes to 232 folks helped out during the 
worlds Christmas holidays. Not a bad way of closing out 2014.
                                             Merry Christmas!