Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 2014

While the days are becoming shorter as we enter into
the beginnings of Winter the number of huge hearts
coming to Baja to help those in great need of health
care is becoming longer. With eight aircraft on the
ground in Lopez Mateos for our November clinic we
had about 38 between the Flying Samaritans Arizona
and Aeromedicos Santa Barbara. What a group! They
just jumped right in and got things rolling in a big way.
Our clinic repairs may not be finished but that didn't
stop this group from seeing 25 general medicine
patients along with 7 ladies helped in OBgyn.
8 children were taken care of and 25 folks were able
to have warts, marks etc removed on the medical side
of things. Our chiropractors helped 70 folks and we
were able to evaluate and hand out reading glasses
to 45 folks. 30 patients were seen by our dentists
and another 20 walked away with cleaner and brighter
smiles. That brings our patient load to 230 for this
month before adding in pharmacy fills of 79 for a
total of 309 people helped out during the Baja 1000
annual off-road race. WAY TO GO SAMS!