Saturday, October 25, 2014

Odile Repair

Many folks have made it a point to donate towards
the repairs of damages suffered from the hurricane
which struck Baja the 14th of September. Our clinic
suffered damage as we mentioned in previous posts
and all of you with huge hearts stepped up to the
challenge. While this type of repair takes some time
due to concrete needing to cure and availability of
material we shall attempt to let folks see the progress
of repairs. Naturally we had certain things that needed
to be completed in order to hold the October clinic such
as getting electricity restored to the clinic which
involved reinstalling the transformer and poles which 
were blown down. It's obvious that we succeeded in
that since we had a great first clinic of the 2014/2015
season of the Flying Samaritans. So we have since
managed to go from previous photos to this:

  Naturally there are many other areas of damage which follows
besides some serious repairs needed from previous storms such
as the roof replaced on the waiting area and concrete repairs to
the posts that hold that roof up:
Now we had some interior damage caused by all of the rain 
seeping into the walls so inside the clinic required a good bit
of stucco repair:

And while at it we poured the floor under the two dental
chairs for cleaning:

 As well as a good bit of other stucco repair. Especially in the
area around our dental islands with stainless steel tops and
in the sterilizing area:

We'll be repainting inside and out with the same colors.
I hope we can finish everything by Christmas. But November
clinic should look much better thanks to the generosity of so
many who donated to meet the needs of repair.

Not wanting for anybody to fell left out here are a few more
areas dealt with:

 And for those who have been concerned about folks reaching up and getting
electrocuted while eating lunch we've raised the wired out of reach:


Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 2014

Fall has begun and we're finally enjoying some
ocean breeze these days. Of course one of the 
things we also enjoy about the Fall is that is when
our wonderful health care providers get the
chance to zone out of the heat in Arizona. Although
this month some of those providers came again 
from Santa Barbara's AeroMedicos and they are
always welcome. We also enjoy it immensely when
our new Flying Samaritan season gets off to a
great start. And our 2014/2015 season did just that.
While clinic hurricane damage repairs are still
underway we had sort of a roof over the chiropractic
area so that 62 folks were able to walk a little 
better with a whole bunches of pain relief. Our
reading glasses group was able to help 30 folks be
able to read all those things they had missed which
as well lifts the spirit. It's amazing how big a person
can smile when they can read all of those little text
messages our society has become so accustomed to.
21 folks were able to have teeth repaired and another
ten walked away with cleaner brighter smiles to light
up the neighborhood. 20 children got to be seen by
doctors and another 25 adults were seen by general
medicine experts. With another 6 ladies seen by
OBgyn and 5 more folks were able to see a neurologist.
If my brain was not fried during the past few days in
the sun rebuilding one of our buildings that totals 169
patients helped today plus the 65 pharmacy patients
taken care of giving the first clinic of the new season
a great start at 234 consults completed. I would be remiss
if I didn't mention that one of our dentist was from
Constitution and we have a local psychologist who would 
like to begin seeing patients with our group in November.
She's mostly interested in helping women and children
but will see anybody in need. What a great way to start
off the new year. WAY TO GO SAMS!