Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dateline Sept 17th 2014

As many already know Baja was struck by a major hurricane on Sept. 14th. Odile made landfall over Cabo San Lucas as a Cat 4
hurricane and marched up the peninsula until entering the Gulf of California North of Santa Rosalia. Folks in Arizona felt the remaining rain from Odile today. All power and water as well as phone and internet went out Sunday night and remains out to this day in much of the region. The first chance I've had to get to the clinic was this morning in order to assess any damage we may need to repair before our next scheduled clinic the 18th of October. From what I found it will still be some time before being able to get a vehicle to the clinic in order to begin. These photos I took this morning Wednesday. Here you can see the boat access to the clinic:

  Wading thru the mud and water allowed me to open the front
gate and this was the first thing that welcomed me to clinic

Looking at our compressor room shows some repair needed as
Once inside the clinic we fortunately only have one hole
in the roof to deal with which is in the dental area.
With luck and help we'll be ready for October. That's
my story and I'm sticking with it.