Sunday, July 20, 2014

2013/2014 season's end

July brings the end of our Lopez Mateos 
Flying Samaritan clinic season.
This season has without a doubt seen the 
end of the low patient numbers brought about 
by the changing of clinic day from the 2nd to 
the 3rd  Saturday of the month a few years ago. 
Hence, this year was a celebration of sorts as to how 
the Sams are able to continue year after year improving 
the lives of so many people in need. Even by changing the 
dates of clinics the need is met with huge hearts, lots of 
donated time and tons of donated supplies and money 
out of each Samaritans personal finances. So many
Americans simply cannot understand the sacrifices each 
of the Samaritans make towards this monthly humanitarian 
effort.  Thank you ALL so much!

Next year looks to be a great year now that we've broken 
away from the low numbers of confusion over the clinic day. 
Sometimes change is simply slow to assimilate. But assimilate 
they did as has been shown by the gradual increase in patient load.

This month we were graced once again with the help of 
Aeromedicos from Santa Barbara, California. What a wonderful 
giving group of providers who looked for someplace to apply 
their efforts after the closing of the runway where they normally 
go in Cadaje, far enough inland from Conception Bay to make 
vehicle access a huge challenge. Due to their Dental and Medical
providers, along with ours and three providers from Constitucion 
our numbers for July are respectful. We had 35 general medicine 
along with 10 OBgyn and  15 pediatric patients helped on the 
medical front. 
Thanks to Aeromedico and providers from Constitucion 22 
dental patients were able to realize dental repairs and 9 folks 
were able to leave with a brighter cleaner smile. Some of
our Arizona medical students were kept busy helping 23 folks 
with reading glasses and our Chiropractors helped 65 folks walk 
a bit straighter and less painful. We also had our first foray into 
Speech Therapy by sending a new Samaritan member along with a translator/nurse to the senior asylum in Constitucion. 
They took care of the needs of 25 of the residents needs. 
If I can still add that seems to total 204 patients helped plus 121 
pharmacy fills for a total count of 325 medical actions completed 
this last month of the 2013/2014 season of 
Arizona Flying Samaritan Lopez Mateo clinic. 
Way to go Sams. Looking forward to our next season.