Sunday, June 22, 2014

Measure of success

How does one measure excitement?  
The worldwide resounding response when the World Cup
announcer yells out "GOL"?  

The golfer is seen with a hole in one? 
Team wins by one point, but wins? 
A real meteor shower over your home.  
Excitement for sure. Passive...but excitement. 
How does that measure up to waiting for days, 
mayhaps, walking for miles, to sleep where one
can, than stand in line, perhaps for hours, 

then to first hear, then turn to see the planes, 
watch them land, see the people coming up close, 
smile, say "Buena Dia, Amigo", then proceed into the
fenced in area. Shortly afterward, a voice calls out 

Just, how does one measure excitement?

June Clinic

While June Gloom may be dancing across North America 
it was not the case in Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos 
this longest day of the year. 
A joint effort of Arizona's Flying Samaritans 
and California's AeroMedicos certainly lifted 
the spirits of the many folks in Southern Baja 
in need of medical care. California's AeroMedicos 
demonstrated the same giving hearts as we see 
virtually every month from our angels out of the 
Phoenix Valley who dedicate so much time and 
money out of their own pockets and hearts to make 
life a LOT better for the families of Baja who simply 
are unable to afford the health care so desperately needed. 
While it may have seemed at first landing
that there were not that many patients waiting, 
the clinic soon became the bastion of humanitarian aid 
we are so accustomed to. As many folks don't understand, 
this blog is the place where we report to the Mexican
authorities who so graciously give our American health care 
providers permission to practice medicine in their country 
the numbers of patients seen. 
In that spirit we are proud to share how much help is brought to

With the help of AeroMedicos, 15 folks left actually being able 
to hear the many sounds which escaped them previously as 
result of an extremely well prepared audiologist, equipment 
and hearing aids. 
On a personal note, I am one of those who left hearing things 
that have escaped me during the past three years after 
chemotherapy took 85% of my ability to hear. 
While we did not have a dental hygienist this month 
AeroMedico graciously provided three dentists who helped
25 dental patients before heading off to Loreto to buy the fuel 
needed for their return trip. One of the AeroMedico pilots spent 
his day helping fit 35 folks with reading glasses so they could 
read all those cellphone text messages which had escaped them. 
Our own Samaritans didn't get outdone by any means on the 
numbers with 80 folks walking a little straighter as a result of 
chiropractic adjustments.
Our general medicine docs chiming in with 35 patients helped 
and our pediatric numbers of 20 patients seen. Aeromedico supplied 
our OBgyn services for 12 ladies seen. If I can still add after my brain 
being inundated with all the new sounds I can hear, that seems to 
total 222 patients consulted during 7 hours of providers on the ground. 
Once we add in pharmacy prescriptions of 115 it looks like there were
337 total actions today for a GREAT clinic. As once shared by our
fearless leader "We're Back!" Way to go Sams! Looking forward to
seeing everybody's smiling faces return again In July to escape the
Arizona heat and wind up the 2013/2014 season of the 
Arizona Los Amigos chapter of the Flying Samaritans. Note how
many times we used ESCAPE this month. Come ESCAPE to Baja
soon and be part of one of the greatest groups of medical
providers on the planet.