Saturday, May 17, 2014

May clinic

May flowers after April Showers doesn't seem to be the case in Southern Baja at any time. But Mother's Day is universal regardless of country or custom it seems. I suspect this was the case for our May clinic because we were short on specialties flying in from North of the border. Without dental, OBgyn and chiropractors our numbers were down a bit. But since the Sam's efforts are not about numbers we had a great clinic after all. Our hygienist was able to help 15 folks walk away with brighter smiles while pediatric saw to 9 children some of which will indeed require some follow-up to find the needed care here in Mexico. Which we will be seeking in short order. Our children after all are our future. Our general medical doctors were able to attend to the needs of 30 folks and 27 others were able to get reading glasses fitted so they will be able to read the little text messages this period in time of mankind has made a requirement for our everyday communication needs. If I can still add  that comes to 81 patients seen by our dedicated group of providers who trek this far South of the border. Once we add in the 90 pharmacy fills that brings todays number up to 171 completed actions this 17th of May 2014. Way to go Sams! It's always so much fun to see everybody come and give so much of their heart and pocketbooks to help such a humble community. Thank you all so much.
That's our story and we're sticking to it.