Monday, February 17, 2014

February Valentine Clinic

With the entire group of the most caring and dedicated care providers
traveling on Valentine Day we can see just exactly how big of a heart
each of the Flying Samaritans have beating within their chest. To be
sure, traveling on a holiday in order to help those in need is a huge
decision and can not go without a heartfelt comment. Thank you each
and every one for all of your efforts. One such group of travelers came
all the way from Vancouver, Washington in the Pacific Northwest part
of the United States. They vacation in Loreto, BCS and have documented
their flight from Loreto to Lopez Mateos for all to enjoy. Of course for those 
who are regular travelers to the Flying Samaritan clinic in Lopez Mateos
these vistas are well enjoyed. For those who would like to come and have
never experienced the variety of views from aloft here is a hint of what
you might expect flying over Baja California Sur, Mexico. Of course since
we have an obligation to report to the Mexico government our treatment 
status we do so here. Those status numbers for our Valentine clinic were
28 patients seen by general medicine doctors and 18 children were treaated
by our pediatric providers. Rounding out the medical front we had 9 ladies 
helped by our OBgyn group followed up with 46 folks who were able to walk 
away with greater ease after seeing our chiropractor. The ever popular dental
crew were able to repair teeth of 18 patients while another 24 walked away
with brighter and cleaner smiles. We were blessed by the efforts to help 34
folks see what they wanted to read with new reading glasses giving us a 
total count of 177 patients who received the help they traveled and camped
on the beach in hope of receiving. When we add into the mix the 101 
pharmacy patients that brings our February clinic number to 278 folks helped
by all of your efforts. WAY TO GO SAMS!

the video courtesy of Griff