Saturday, January 18, 2014

January 2014

It is always a privilege to be such a small part of 
something as big as the Arizona Flying Samaritans.
Ringing in 2014 with our January clinic only reinforced 

that remark. One of the things especially notable this month 
was all of the new faces and the youth of those vibrant providers. 
Having been a small part of the Flying Samaritans efforts for 
some wonderful years it truly makes my heart leap at seeing our
next generation of humanitarians. While it is always great to see 

the familiar faces who have been so deeply dedicated for so many 
years we are all beginning to find it just a little more difficult each 
month at getting energized to put so much effort into bringing help 
to so many people we don't even know. Our examples we can only 
hope will be an encouragement to our youth for the next generation. 
So kudos have to go to all of you who are such great support in our 
leaders of tomorrow.
January clinic saw smaller numbers of patients but not a smaller 

amount of loving care given. With some last minute issues we 
were a bit short on some specialties but those who came stepped 
up to the challenge. With only one dentist able to make it the dental 
numbers of 12 folks seen was great and another 10 patients able to 
walk away with brighter smiles. Our medical staff took care of the 
myriad needs of 38 folks while OBgyn chimed in with another 14 gals
seen, followed up with 15 children taken care of. Tis the
season of colds and flu and our children are pretty much the first to 

suffer as a result. Chiropractor department saw to the needs of an 
additional 65 people and we had 95 folks get their medications filled 
out of our pharmacy. Leaving out the pharmacy numbers for our 
government reporting requirements in Mexico means
the Sams treated 154 folks who would not have otherwise had quality 

medical care. Once we add in the pharmacy numbers that puts us at 249 consultations today. Not bad for the first of the year. And a huge toast
to the rest of the year being even busier than the previous one. Way to go Sams!