Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and thanks to all,
Who toiled and toiled to avoid rainfall,
Then in midst of the fright after rain falling
into the night, And at last in fin came
a welcomed wind, As it basted away the rain
the Sam's lifted their planes, And Southward
bound for another round. 

And such was the beginning of our December clinic
of the Flying Samaritan efforts to bring quality and
heartfelt healthcare to the needy of Baja Sur Mexico.
Friday departure had to be canceled due to the rain but
Saturday morning they were all on their way to out clinic.
With the first plane arriving near 11:00 am our Amigos
from Arizona stepped into an already running clinic with
dentists from Constitucion filling the need as we only had
hygienists available from North of the border. As such our
local dentists treated 15 dental patients while our hygientists
were able to help another 11 patients walk away with brighter
smiles. Our OBgyn staff ended up putting down in Mulege due
to a late start so our medical staff took up the slack seeing
20 patients while 10 pediatric patients were helped. Our 
chiropractors relieved pains of another 65 folks and our 
specialist in neurological manipulation was able to give
relief to another 6 folks with serious migraine and other
issues. It was interesting that a patient arrived in one of the
very wheel chairs recently donated so please Sams, keep 
finding things to bring down. Those items change the lives
for so may and we cannot thank you enough. If my math
still works that is 127 patients helped along with 72 
prescriptions filled during the shortest day of the year.
Our December 21st winter solstice combined with the 
weather causing those dedicated angels from Los Amigos
Chapter of the Flying Samaritans late arrival and needing
to leave earlier to arrive to Mulege before dark left us with 
only 4 1/2 hours on the ground for clinic. So 127 folks seen
is absolutely phenomenal. Way to go Sams! See all of you
next year. May 2014 be a great year.