Sunday, November 17, 2013

November Clinic

November is our month for a grand Fiesta in
Constitucion put on by local business leaders,
schools and the local government as a way of
saying thank you to the Flying Samaritans for
all of the much needed and highly appreciated
help brought by so many people with hearts as
big as the planet. As a result of this planning
we had 11 aircraft bringing over 50 members of
Arizona's Flying Samaritans to Baja this month.
A wonderful dinner was served by our dear friends
Neli and Guillermo at their home in Constitucion.
They also provided a quick breakfast for the group
on their way to the airport before coming to
Lopez Mateos Saturday.

With 11 aircraft arriving about the same time it
was much like watching a flock of the magnificent
and majestic pelicans as they lined up for landing.
While these fabulous winged angels of the sky
unloaded their precious cargo of doctors, dentists,
translators and helpers our local folks looking for
some medical or dental help applauded the break in
four months of not having a clinic. As a result the
buzzing and humming of a well organized medical crew
began. The day was busy throughout with little time
to enjoy the great weather and only a half hour to
enjoy fabulous tacos made locally. Our clinic numbers
reflect the slow return of normal clinics since
changing to the third weekend of the month.

Those numbers are general medical 45 and 10 pediatric
on the medical side with 31 dental patients having much
needed repairs and 17 folks walking away with brighter
smiles from cleanings. We were graced this month with
our eye doc who helped 24 folks see better and the folks
out in the chiropractic building helped 90 patients walk
straighter with a lot less discomfort as they left. If I
am able to add correctly that seams to total 217 patients
who came and left better off because of the efforts of so
many caring providers, pilots and support staff. We would
be quite remiss if we did not include the 104 prescriptions
filled by our pharmacy which would bring our total for the
month of November services to 321. WAY TO GO SAMS! That's our
story and we're sticking to it.