Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October is a wash

While we toil and plan and save in order to do the things in life we enjoy, mother nature has a way of telling us that we are but a small part of the 
overall scheme of things and her will is supreme. While we were all on
schedule and had providers, pilots, translators, permits and patients all
lined up for our October beginning of the 2013/2014 season of the Flying
Samaritan clinic in Lopez Mateos. Tropical Storm Octave developed and
decided that the Baja of Mexico did not yet have enough water to make it 
through the next year's agricultural needs. As such, Octave arrived to our
pleasant little village on it's way to the mountains yesterday and gave us
our next years water supply. Just a reminder to the many who have never
been to our airstrip, it is made of hard packed sea shells dug up from the
deposits of many thousands of years past. While it makes for a pretty good
runway when things are dry, it quickly turns to a muddy, slippery slope
after it has been made wet by rain. If any of our wonderful pilots have
recently acquired a sea plane  this might be the time to try her
out. Although patients might find a swimming suit to arrive at the clinic gate a good option. It is safe to say that we will not be able to have clinic in October. But we will see everybody in November when the regional community leaders
are planning a fiesta to thank all of the Flying Samaritans for their huge
generosity. It'll be fun for all. These photos begin at the entrance to the 
runway access as of this morning and then look at the aircraft parking area
as well as the runway looking to the East and looking to the West.
    That's our story for October 2013 and we're sticking to it. See you all next Month.