Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's a wrap

As the day closed for our July 20th Flying Samaritan clinic in Lopez Mateos we have the privilege of saying it was a good clinic season for 2012/2013. And looking forward to the 2013/2014 clinic season we need to remember from where we have come. I fondly recall 1999 when we were still in the old house which was used for clinic. In that old condemned building it would have been a stretch to treat 70 patients even with chiropractors and dentists on hand. Then in 2003 when we began using the new facility it became common to see between 250 and 300 patients treated during a clinic trip. A couple years ago we changed the date of clinic to the third Saturday of the month which caused some decline in clinic numbers because so many folks in Baja simply could not understand a new clinic time for awhile. Now that enough time has passed with the new clinic schedule we are seeing those numbers rise. July 2013 clinic saw four aircraft arrive with many angels from Arizona. But they had no chiropractors nor dentists on board. The local medical community rallied to the cause and provided three dentists to fill the need. As a result, our clinic numbers were 24 dental patients treated and 17 folks walked away with cleaner smiles from our hygienist. The medical doctors helped 30 folks and our paediatrician was able to see 11 children. When we add in the 9 ladies seen by OBgyn our clinic treatment number adds up to 91 folks helped throughout the day. It would be remiss if we didn't include an electric wheelchair repair so the patient could continue being mobile. And of course all of those dental numbers seen would not have been accomplished without installing the freshly rewound vacuum pump motor. This group truly knows how to fill the need. The pharmacy filled 115 orders before packing all the meds up to be stored until our next clinic in October. October is often a bit iffy as a result of the hurricane season in Baja so we are scheduling a Fiesta in Constitucion during the November clinic weekend. It should be loads of fun for all who come in November as well as those involved with the festivities locally. So it is safe to say as we wrap up the season that it was a great success. That's our story and we're sticking to it.