Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 19th remote clinic for Central Salude

Well, in support of the county group of doctors who provide medical care as an outreach program El Movel provided exam room platform today so the doctors could see patients after a mass blood pressure and glucose screening in the Lopez Mateos Community Centre. Getting in was a bit of a challenge as the opening required folding in the mirrors to clear the narrow opening. But we made it. You can see the entrance upon our arrival here.
  Notice the small opening on the right side of the structure. Once in with a bit of help watching the clearances the day began. But I would be remiss if we didn't give credit to the doctors and nurses who volunteered to come help as a result of Dr. Walter's prodding. Hee Heee!
 You cannot see El Movil in this photo but she is parked just to the right of the picture actually inside of the court yard. As this community centre doesn't have closed rooms the dance hall seen was used to take blood pressure and glucose readings, weight and height before seeing who actually needed to have an exam inside El Movil. With two exam rooms the doctors present were able to have patient examinations throughout the event. But just to give an idea of the amount of folks who came looking for simple basic things check out this photo.
 Folks waiting patiently for introductions and the process to begin. Once it began the doctors who came were kept hopping non-stop.
Talk about getting into the throng of things quickly and efficiently.
And it turned into a regular assembly line of doctors, nurses and patient
 Including vaccinations for seniors and children. Naturally some things could not be done in the open court yard so we had doctors working in the mobile platform as well.
Naturally we wouldn't take pictures of the doctors working in the exam rooms which got plenty of use today. Of course after all was said and done with about three hundred folks seen the crew had to take a break and recharge the energy with some GREAT ceviche prepared and sodas.

 And last but not least the crew of volunteer providers loading up and heading back to Ciudad Constitucion and their perspective jobs.
 So to finalize it all in the words of our fearless leader/president of the Phoenix Chapter of the Arizona Flying Samaritans. "We're Back!" That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Next remote clinic will be Villa Morellos.

Monday, June 17, 2013

June Clinic

The phenomena we call June Gloom had little affect on our Flying Samaritans clinic in Lopez Mateos for the month of June. We saw 6 planes arrive as well as one go to Laguna San Ignacio. So the Phoenix chapter of the Arizona Flying Samaritans was kept busy. We may not have had as big of a patient turn out as some would like to see but for me it is the quality rather than the quantity. But as a requirement of our government issued permit to practice medicine we are indeed required to report the quantity. And that comes to 112 chiropractic patients seen who walked away a little easier thanks to our gentle care providers which included some neurology consults this month.Added to those our general medicine group helped 18 along with 13 paediatric and another 13 ladies seen by OBgyn. There were 11 minor procedures and 64 pharmacy actions. Our dental group saw 15 general dentistry patients and 4 dental hygiene folks. All in all 186 patients here seen by care providers and if we add pharmacy refills into the number it comes to 250 for the final count. Although our reporting requirements keep the number at 186 patients who came and were treated by some of the most generous of the heart and pocketbook angles in the world. Way to go Sams and we'll see you in July.