Sunday, May 19, 2013

May Flowers

While April luckily didn't bring showers we sure had a flowery May clinic. That is of course, if one considers everything going extremely well rosy. Because our May clinic did just that, went extremely well. Even though our dental department had to step back into old school tactics after the vacuum pump quit working. This is just another of those many examples of how our group of providers simply don't let adversity get in the way of sharing their lives with others by bringing so much medical care to the far reaches of Baja Mexico. Even the pilots had to go the extra mile by dropping off providers from Mulege and then flying to Loreto to pick up more providers. all of that and there was still an excellent number of patients helped throughout the day. Those numbers ended with 26 dental patients helped and 13 hygiene patients walking away with brighter smiles. 38 general medical patients got to see doctors along with 16 paediatric and 5 OBgyn folks helped. The eye docs saw to the needs of 24 and our chiropractors popped in with 74. It seems like that totals to 196 patients who stood in line since well before dawn to get a number were helped out through the day. Our pharmacy was kept busy filling 96 prescriptions rounding out a total count of 288. That's our story and we're sticking to it.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

April Clinic

April was another of those great examples of folks reaching
down into their hearts and pocketbooks in order to help those
of less fortune. The Phoenix, Arizona Flying Samaritans were
up to their normal of travelling great distance and at great
expense to bring health care to so many in great need. Notice
the continued use of the descriptive word GREAT? That's because
there are few other words to describe the efforts of so many.
Their great efforts resulted in some 202 local folks seeking 
help with their medical needs as well as another 127 prescriptions
filled. Many might not understand how important prescriptions
being filled are to the locals. In Mexico an aspirin at the store cost
about a dollar. An ibuprofen costs 2.15 cents at the few stores that
sell them. A small bottle of cough syrup at the local pharmacy when
available, sets the local patient back about 12.50 dollars or 150 pesos.
When most Mexicans work for around 125 pesos per day that small
bottle of cough syrup is more than they earn in a day. Such help 
brought down by the Flying Samaritans is invaluable to the local folks
in need of basic health care. The 202 consultations breaks down to
36 General medicine patients along with 14 OBgyn and 13 paediatric 
on the medical side. Our dental department helped 31 folks in need 
of general dentistry and 13 hygiene consults allowing many to leave
with a brighter smile. 95 folks were helped by our chiropractor with
a wide variety of needs in that area. WAY TO GO SAMS! 
We had quite a number of first time providers in April including
folks travelling all the way from the Pacific Northwest part of the 
United States. It is always such a blessing to me to see so many 
providers come from such great distance to make life a little easier
for somebody they have never met and may never see again. Thank 
you so much for all that you do.
         Just a look at the line waiting for a number before arrival.