Monday, March 18, 2013

March Madness

Many say March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a lamb. In our case March roared in loud and busy with the Baja Bush Pilots annual whale fly in to Lopez Mateos. Clinic morning brought 21 planes besides the 4 Flying Samaritan aircraft. Needless to say it was noisy in the morning with the humm of propellers getting parked on the ramp. With one of the Samaritan planes arriving Friday to prepare the dental and triage for Saturday we were able to begin seeing dental patients before the first flight arrived clinic morning. Which allowed the dental crew to help 28 folks in general dentistry. We had no hygienist this month to great disappointment of all. Our chiropractor was able to help 93 folks walk with a bit less pain and our eye doctor enabled 23 people have better vision. Our wound care nurse dealt with 4 folks while Gynaecology was kept busy serving the needs of 15 ladies. Paediatricians took care of 25 children during which time our general medicine doctors (one from Constitucion) saw to the needs of 35 patients. For a number count that brought the clinic treatment number to a count of 223 folks helped who would not otherwise have had medical care. Added to that number our pharmacy was able to fill 156 orders for medication bringing the total number of clinic actions to 379. I guess after a couple years of low numbers it is safe to say that 
"We're Back!" as our lustrous leader so well put it. WAY TO GO SAMS!