Saturday, February 16, 2013


February is often a fun month for our providers along with March because "thar beee Whales"  out thar! Unfortunately for the same reason most of the town is working for the 90 day tourist season to have some income since they are prohibited from fishing close by during this time of the year in order to protect the gentle giants. As such a few of the providers were indeed able to go out and visit them. Although there was plenty of ooos and aahhs on the beach as they jump out of the water showing off to the world. 

Because of the incline downward of our patient turn out in recent times we placed notices advising folks the doctors were coming, on the radio in both Constitucion and La Paz in hopes that more would turn out. It seems that it may have helped. We saw 180 patients came looking for help and leaving better off than before they arrived. This breaks down to general medicine taking care of 27 folks while our paediatric doc took care of 16 children and OBGyn helped 10 ladies. When we add chiropractic adjustments of 60 and 24 eye glass consultations the medical side had a full day. Then the dental crew chimed in with 29 general dentistry patients and another 14 folks walked away with cleaner, brighter smiles. Our pharmacy group was kept occupied all day filling 123 prescriptions. If we were to couple that with consultations the number climbs to 303. However, for our legal requirements to the government of Mexico who generously maintains our medical clinic permit and authorizes all of our providers to practice medicine in Mexico the number of consultations is indeed 180 completed in the seven hours of our 7 aircraft on the ground. Without whose pilots and aircraft owners donating their service and equipment there would be no clinic. Thank you all for such huge hearts and we'll see each of your smiling faces again soon.