Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Well after a fashion we finally were able to get some care providers on the ground in Lopez Mateos. December brought enough rain just before the group would normally leave Phoenix to make it extremely difficult for patients to get to the clinic without falling in the mud on the runway. Mother nature sure has her way of telling us when to slow down. Unfortunately with several weather cancellations our patient load has suffered but is picking up. We had a good supply of local translators as well as additional help from the group that lives in Mulege.Thank you Patty and Terry. This month the group was able to help 110 patients plus 102 pharmacy orders filled. All of this while 10 of our providers had a chance to take a break and get on a whale tour boat to get up close and personal with those gentle giants of the sea. In order to meet the requirements of our government issued medical clinic permit I am required to post the results by a breakdown of the totals so 19 folks were able to see a general doctor which left a little homework for us finding additional help from doctors here in Mexico for 4 or 5 of the patients. There were 10 children seen as well as 40 folks were able to walk a little easier after visiting our chiropractors. Our dedicated dentists treated 26 folks and another 15 walked away with brighter smiles after professional cleaning. We were presented with a wonderful lunch brought from Constitucion of tamales and tacos. All in all our January clinic was indeed a great success. Thank you to all involved which includes those many who labour in the background unseen to make it happen. Way to go Sams!