Sunday, November 18, 2012

November Clinic

November has finally arrived and we were actually able to land in Lopez Mateos.
 So things were really looking up Friday afternoon when two planes were on the runway to overnight with two dentists and our pharmacists on board. What a huge way to kick off the season of 2012/2013. There was plenty of work to be done before opening the gate Saturday morning and the crew worked late into the evening making those preparations happen. Our overnight crew had the chance to give out the clinic numbers Saturday morning which is always a really cool way of letting the group see how folks coming to be treated by them begin the process before planes usually arrive. Of course that also allowed some of our providers to begin treating folks long before the fog lifted and we could give the wheels up signal to those providers waiting in Mulege. So we had our waiting area filled earlier than usual.
 Of course not all of these folks were waiting for a dentist. But the dental chairs filled at 8:15 this Saturday clinic and were kept hopping all day. This early start allowed our dental department to treat 27 dental patients as well as help 13 more walk away with brighter/cleaner smiles.
The two doctors saw to the needs of 30 patients with another 8 paediatric consults provided. Our OBgyn ladies saw 18 and the chiropractors helped 70 folks walk a little straighter with a good bit less pain in doing so. Our eye doc from Constitucion helped 27 folks see better and we had two additional translators from Constitucion as well. It looks as those number total at 193 folks seen at the November clinic. Of course if we add the 107 pharmacy patients taken care of the number goes right to 300. If we are looking at total numbers. I sort of hang with the 193 patients seen and 107 patient medication requests filled in order to meet our clinic permit reporting obligation. WAY TO GO SAMS! Such a great way to begin the new season. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving in Arizona and we'll see all of your smiling faces in December.