Sunday, June 17, 2012

June Clinic

Summer begins to arrive to the desert and folks would like to cool off just a bit. Leaving the 100 plus degree temps in Arizona and heading to the 70's in Lopez Mateos is a way cool "no pun intended" method of refreshing ones coolness. Did you like that word? Coolness! As in how cool it is that so many folks feel the need to go out and help their neighbors to the South. You guys are so COOL! I had the privilege of eating lunch with the group in Loreto this month. A rare goody for me which I enjoyed way too much. I also got to appreciate the difference in temperatures between Loreto and the Pacific breeze of Lopez Mateos. Well, enough rambling about the weather. The four planes that came to Lopez this month brought the angels of Phoenix. As well as a new translator from Loreto. I had to chuckle at the way your President seized the opportunity at the dining table to shake down the hotel manager if she knew anybody who might like to come for a Free Baja flight and free lunch prepared on a Pacific Beach of the Baja Peninsula in exchange for working for free at translating for doctors. That was a slick maneuver. Getting on the ground early and being able to take advantage of the summers longer daylight allowed the group to help 120 folks who came looking for this doctor or that dentist. The 120 breaks down to 23 general medicine patients seen as well as 8 pediatric followed by 49 chiropractor adjustments on the medical front. When we add 19 dental and 11 hygiene together with 10 optometry patients it rounds up to the 120. We have no idea how many prescriptions were filled but Nick and Ann were kept hopping throughout the day. It was great to see their smiling faces after so many years. Notice how many times we mentioned 120? That's a great number that represents 120 lives made better because of the efforts of one of the greatest organizations on the planet. The Los Amigos chapter of the Flying Samaritans of Arizona. WAY TO GO SAMS!