Monday, May 21, 2012

May clinic

We can't always be where we want to be in life. As was the case for me during the May clinic of the Flying Samaritans of Arizona in Lopez Mateos. I had doctor appointments of my own to make sure that the cancer we got rid of last year hasn't come back. But that is the beauty of our clinic. It is so well organized that it doesn't depend on any one or two people. And it runs very well thanks to a huge pool of volunteers who just want to be a part of something much bigger than any one of us. Thank you all for allowing Patrick and I to be a small part of such great activities which help and change so many lives along the way. The clinic in May got a little late start due to fog. But not the usual fog that socks in the Lopez landing strip. But a fog that socked in the Mulege take off strip. But our Flying Samaritans would never be deterred. While they may have gotten a little late start at taking off from the hotel they more than made up for it once on the ground in Lopez. The number of folks attended to by our Arizona providers totaled to 154 patients. That breaks down to 26 general medicine, 8 pediatric and 10 OBgyn on the medical front. Chiropractic was responsible for 80 adjustments and dental chimed in with 20 patients seen by general dentistry and 10 more who walked away with brighter smiles. Not so bad for a short day and one that makes each of us walk with just a little higher gait in our footsteps. WAY TO GO SAMS! Looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces in June. Perhaps I'll have to come over to Loreto where the group will be staying next month just to have fun with everybody.

That's our story and we're sticking with it!