Saturday, March 17, 2012


"Thar be whales" was a phrase from Star Trek's Final Frontier. Some of our group found out exactly what that meant as they were able to find time to get up close and personal with our ocean mammal friends.

After the government closed the runway which caused us to cancel the February clinic we had rather light patient turnout for March clinic. But we were still able to help 123 folks throughout the day. That number breaks down to 16 general medicine folks treated as well s 10 ladies were seen by OBgyn and 12 children helped by our pediatric doctor. Chiropractor area was kept hopping with 43 patients seen and 10 folks left seeing a bit better thanks to our eye doc. Dental rocked taking care of 19 folks and 8 more walked away with brighter smiles. We once again had help from Aeromedical folks out of Mulege bringing a medical doctor, dentist and dental assistant.

All in all thing were pretty good to allow more than a dozen providers the time to go see the whales. After all, it is a working VACATION.
See you all next month!