Sunday, January 22, 2012

January Sams Clinic

Numbers have nothing to do with success. That concept is totally from corporate America.
Defining success in or clinic is treating everybody who came in the morning asking for help
and some even sleeping in tents in front of clinic waiting for those huge hearted Samaritans
to arrive. This month we were graced with three Flying Samaritan aircraft bringing much
needed care providers to see to the needs of a very humble people. We also were treated
with one aircraft of care providers from Aeromedicos who flew out of Mulege bringing a dentist, dental assistant and a medical doctor to add to the clinic providers for January. I just am so thankful for all of the providers who have put aside the economic pains of the current situation in the U.S. to come and help folks who would not otherwise have any medical care.
As a result this month the Flying Samaritan clinic in Lopez Mateos helped 38 general medicine patients and 11 pediatric along with 10 OBgyn folks. The dental staff miraculously chimed in with 17 general dentistry and 10 folks who walked away with a brighter smile from cleanings. I said miraculously because as of Wednesday past Laurie had not a single dentist scheduled to come on the trip. We also had 10 folks seen by our local eye glasses doc. We had no chiropractors this month. All in all it was a great clinic with a total of 96 folks seen by the care providers who sacrificed so much of their time and money which is getting hard to come by. See you all next month!