Sunday, November 18, 2012

November Clinic

November has finally arrived and we were actually able to land in Lopez Mateos.
 So things were really looking up Friday afternoon when two planes were on the runway to overnight with two dentists and our pharmacists on board. What a huge way to kick off the season of 2012/2013. There was plenty of work to be done before opening the gate Saturday morning and the crew worked late into the evening making those preparations happen. Our overnight crew had the chance to give out the clinic numbers Saturday morning which is always a really cool way of letting the group see how folks coming to be treated by them begin the process before planes usually arrive. Of course that also allowed some of our providers to begin treating folks long before the fog lifted and we could give the wheels up signal to those providers waiting in Mulege. So we had our waiting area filled earlier than usual.
 Of course not all of these folks were waiting for a dentist. But the dental chairs filled at 8:15 this Saturday clinic and were kept hopping all day. This early start allowed our dental department to treat 27 dental patients as well as help 13 more walk away with brighter/cleaner smiles.
The two doctors saw to the needs of 30 patients with another 8 paediatric consults provided. Our OBgyn ladies saw 18 and the chiropractors helped 70 folks walk a little straighter with a good bit less pain in doing so. Our eye doc from Constitucion helped 27 folks see better and we had two additional translators from Constitucion as well. It looks as those number total at 193 folks seen at the November clinic. Of course if we add the 107 pharmacy patients taken care of the number goes right to 300. If we are looking at total numbers. I sort of hang with the 193 patients seen and 107 patient medication requests filled in order to meet our clinic permit reporting obligation. WAY TO GO SAMS! Such a great way to begin the new season. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving in Arizona and we'll see all of your smiling faces in December.  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

July Clinic

July presents many challenges for organizing a clinic out of Arizona because it is indeed the monsoon season in the SW United States. Couple that with school having let out and summer vacations looming on the mind of everybody as well as the economic conditions throughout the U.S. But the Los Amigos Chapter of the Flying Samaritans has never let details get in the way of helping their neighbours to the South. With planes leaving from every corner of the Phoenix valley including one who got away Saturday our final clinic of the 2011/2012 season went off without a hitch. While there weren't any chiropractors available nor family practice doctors from Arizona the staff was augmented with a general practice doctor as well as an orthodontist and dental hygienist from Constitucion. We had a delicious lunch brought as a courtesy of Neli and Guillermo of fish tacos with all of the trimmings as only Neli can do. Not that numbers are important, but in order to maintain our clinic permit from the Mexican government this is where we report the results of our clinic. So 15 general medicine patients were seen along with 14 OBgyn ladies on the medical front. Dental jumped in there with 20 folks walking away with brighter smiles from professional cleaning and another 25 patients were helped in general dentistry. If my math is any good that brings our patients total to 74 patients helped today by the Arizona Flying Samaritans. Add to that I am informed that the pharmacy filled 72 prescriptions throughout the day. All in all it was a great way to close the season. I am so much looking forward to seeing each of those angles of mercy coming to Lopez Mateos for the next season beginning in October 2012. Mark your calendars and get on the October list. It'll be a cool breath after the hot Arizona summer here on the Pacific coast.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

June Clinic

Summer begins to arrive to the desert and folks would like to cool off just a bit. Leaving the 100 plus degree temps in Arizona and heading to the 70's in Lopez Mateos is a way cool "no pun intended" method of refreshing ones coolness. Did you like that word? Coolness! As in how cool it is that so many folks feel the need to go out and help their neighbors to the South. You guys are so COOL! I had the privilege of eating lunch with the group in Loreto this month. A rare goody for me which I enjoyed way too much. I also got to appreciate the difference in temperatures between Loreto and the Pacific breeze of Lopez Mateos. Well, enough rambling about the weather. The four planes that came to Lopez this month brought the angels of Phoenix. As well as a new translator from Loreto. I had to chuckle at the way your President seized the opportunity at the dining table to shake down the hotel manager if she knew anybody who might like to come for a Free Baja flight and free lunch prepared on a Pacific Beach of the Baja Peninsula in exchange for working for free at translating for doctors. That was a slick maneuver. Getting on the ground early and being able to take advantage of the summers longer daylight allowed the group to help 120 folks who came looking for this doctor or that dentist. The 120 breaks down to 23 general medicine patients seen as well as 8 pediatric followed by 49 chiropractor adjustments on the medical front. When we add 19 dental and 11 hygiene together with 10 optometry patients it rounds up to the 120. We have no idea how many prescriptions were filled but Nick and Ann were kept hopping throughout the day. It was great to see their smiling faces after so many years. Notice how many times we mentioned 120? That's a great number that represents 120 lives made better because of the efforts of one of the greatest organizations on the planet. The Los Amigos chapter of the Flying Samaritans of Arizona. WAY TO GO SAMS!    

Monday, May 21, 2012

May clinic

We can't always be where we want to be in life. As was the case for me during the May clinic of the Flying Samaritans of Arizona in Lopez Mateos. I had doctor appointments of my own to make sure that the cancer we got rid of last year hasn't come back. But that is the beauty of our clinic. It is so well organized that it doesn't depend on any one or two people. And it runs very well thanks to a huge pool of volunteers who just want to be a part of something much bigger than any one of us. Thank you all for allowing Patrick and I to be a small part of such great activities which help and change so many lives along the way. The clinic in May got a little late start due to fog. But not the usual fog that socks in the Lopez landing strip. But a fog that socked in the Mulege take off strip. But our Flying Samaritans would never be deterred. While they may have gotten a little late start at taking off from the hotel they more than made up for it once on the ground in Lopez. The number of folks attended to by our Arizona providers totaled to 154 patients. That breaks down to 26 general medicine, 8 pediatric and 10 OBgyn on the medical front. Chiropractic was responsible for 80 adjustments and dental chimed in with 20 patients seen by general dentistry and 10 more who walked away with brighter smiles. Not so bad for a short day and one that makes each of us walk with just a little higher gait in our footsteps. WAY TO GO SAMS! Looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces in June. Perhaps I'll have to come over to Loreto where the group will be staying next month just to have fun with everybody.

That's our story and we're sticking with it!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April clinic

April always seams to be the month of beginnings. And we are beginning to see a bit more patient turnout since changing the day of clinic this past October. It sometimes takes a while for folks to get used to new things but patience always pays off. The Sams built it and they are still coming almost a decade later at the new clinic. There were five airplanes this months resulting in 170 folks treated at the Flying Samaritan clinic in Lopez Mateos. That breaks down to 34 general medicine patients and 16 OBgyn as well as 12 pediatric folks seen. Chiropractors chimed in with 72 while dental took care of 16 folks. Our eye doc helped 20 folks with glasses and the pharmacy was kept busy throughout the day. We had wonderful tacos prepared on the spot for lunch and very comfortable temps in the 70s for the entire clinic. WAY TO GO SAMS!
That's our story and we're sticking to it.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


"Thar be whales" was a phrase from Star Trek's Final Frontier. Some of our group found out exactly what that meant as they were able to find time to get up close and personal with our ocean mammal friends.

After the government closed the runway which caused us to cancel the February clinic we had rather light patient turnout for March clinic. But we were still able to help 123 folks throughout the day. That number breaks down to 16 general medicine folks treated as well s 10 ladies were seen by OBgyn and 12 children helped by our pediatric doctor. Chiropractor area was kept hopping with 43 patients seen and 10 folks left seeing a bit better thanks to our eye doc. Dental rocked taking care of 19 folks and 8 more walked away with brighter smiles. We once again had help from Aeromedical folks out of Mulege bringing a medical doctor, dentist and dental assistant.

All in all thing were pretty good to allow more than a dozen providers the time to go see the whales. After all, it is a working VACATION.
See you all next month!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

January Sams Clinic

Numbers have nothing to do with success. That concept is totally from corporate America.
Defining success in or clinic is treating everybody who came in the morning asking for help
and some even sleeping in tents in front of clinic waiting for those huge hearted Samaritans
to arrive. This month we were graced with three Flying Samaritan aircraft bringing much
needed care providers to see to the needs of a very humble people. We also were treated
with one aircraft of care providers from Aeromedicos who flew out of Mulege bringing a dentist, dental assistant and a medical doctor to add to the clinic providers for January. I just am so thankful for all of the providers who have put aside the economic pains of the current situation in the U.S. to come and help folks who would not otherwise have any medical care.
As a result this month the Flying Samaritan clinic in Lopez Mateos helped 38 general medicine patients and 11 pediatric along with 10 OBgyn folks. The dental staff miraculously chimed in with 17 general dentistry and 10 folks who walked away with a brighter smile from cleanings. I said miraculously because as of Wednesday past Laurie had not a single dentist scheduled to come on the trip. We also had 10 folks seen by our local eye glasses doc. We had no chiropractors this month. All in all it was a great clinic with a total of 96 folks seen by the care providers who sacrificed so much of their time and money which is getting hard to come by. See you all next month!