Sunday, June 12, 2011

small but powerful

June clinic saw 14 providers arrive to Lopez Mateos from Arizona plus one Mexican provider from Ciudad Constitucion. One of the planes needed to land at Constitucion, but with a heavy fog was delayed until about 9:00 to get on the ground. So clinic got a bit of a late start with many of the providers arriving to Constitucion. I Know, a bit long winded as a preamble. But it is part of the story. Hi Hi! Many thanks to those dedicated providers and pilots as well as translators who give so much. This weekends clinic numbers ended up pretty good for only 7 actual caregivers. General medicine was able to attend to 24 patients plus 14 pediatric and 4 OBgyn. Our dental department made 18 repairs or extractions and helped another 10 folks walk away with cleaner smiles. 54 folks were adjusted by our chiropractors and another 20 were attended by our optometrist from Constitucion. That brings our total to 149 patients seen at the June clinic of the Flying Samaritans in Lopez Mateos.
See you all in the Fall!