Sunday, May 15, 2011

April to May

A couple days after the April clinic yours truly went North for Patrick and my routine doctor visits and to collect donated equipment to get into the various small hospitals and clinics that Los Amigos Flying Samaritans support down in Baja. These trips as most of the group know normally are
10 t0 14 days round trip. So we left Lopez the 12th to arrive San Diego for Patrick's dermatology appointment the 15th of April. Today, now one day past our May 14th Flying Samaritan clinic and we still haven't returned to Lopez Mateos. More on that in a moment.

The only information available to me on May 14 clinic numbers I do not believe are complete. But would like to include what we have. There were at least 30 general medicine patients seen along with 12 OBgyn and 13 chiropractic folks helped. Dental took care of at least 26 patients plus some number which I don't have for cleaning. At least 63 folks were helped to walk a little straighter by our chiropractors. That seams to be 144 folks seen by the Arizona Flying Samaritans. But I think that number will need to be corrected once we are able to get all of the clinic data next week. As mentioned above, Patrick and I couldn't be at clinic.

This is because when we arrived to San Diego to see Patrick's dermatology doctor I also had my usual doctor visits. Excepting that for some reason I had been having what appeared to be sinus allergy symptoms for a few months. To shorten a long story, it turns out that what seemed like allergy symptoms was actually "left maxillary sinus squamous cell carcinoma". This stage four sinus cancer was removed surgically the 12th of May by the highly skilled staff at Balboa Naval Medical Center San Diego. I was told I could go home the 13th which doesn't leave enough time to drive to Lopez Mateos for the May 14th Flying Samaritans clinic. Still having some follow-up appointments during the next several days. We'll get the information to correct the Samaritans clinic data before the June clinic.
That's our story and we're sticking to it.